What is the Partnership for Recovery and Resilience? 

The South Sudan Partnership for Recovery and Resilience (PfRR) is a collective of donors, UN Agencies and NGOs working together to increase resilience and reduce vulnerability of the South Sudanese people and the institutions who represent them. It facilitates bottom-up solutions at the individual, household and community levels while also working closely with local authorities and institutions.

Formally established in March 2018, the Partnership champions local ownership and integrates conflict sensitivity and flexibility in all aspects of its work. This allows it to develop new, inclusive ways of doing business to better help communities adapt and cope with the multiple shocks they face.

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Our Commitment: To stop the trend of increasing vulnerability in South Sudan

  • Enhance mutual accountability and learning

  • Scale up delivery of integrated efforts in Yambio and other geographical areas

  • Advance comprehensive frameworks and partnerships in selected geographic areas

  • Improve coordination, collaboration and strategic integration

  • Work together across humanitarian and development efforts to meet basic needs and protect coping strategies

PfRR Pillars

Resilience is defined in South Sudan as the ability to withstand a wide range of shocks that can increase vulnerability, interventions across the following four Pillars will support responsive action.
Re-establish access to basic services
Rebuild trust in people and institutions
Restore productive capacities
Nurture and broaden effective partnerships

PfRR Work Streams

To enable the achievement of reduced vulnerability, help build resilience and support the new ways of working, the Partnership members will work on a number of workstreams. These workstreams are interlinked and mutually dependent but cover distinct activities.

Resilience Exchange Network

The Resilience Exchange Network was established on 1 February, 2018 following a meeting of interested INGOs to discuss issues around resilience programming, financing, delivery of humanitarian and development assistance to populations in need in South Sudan.

Please note that the Resilience Exchange Network document portal is also a repository for PfRR and related information that can be accessed via the NGO Forum website

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PfRR Secretariat
Ministries Road
Plot 21
PO Box 410
Juba, South Sudan
Email: info@southsudanpfrr.org

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