Annual Learning Forum 2019

Over 200 members of the Partnership for Recovery and Resilience (PfRR) gathered in Juba for a two days learning forum. During the forum, members  reflected on and reviewed progress made by the partnership in 2019 towards reducing vulnerability and building resilience in South Sudan.
Participants included State and Community leaders from Torit, Wau, Aweil and Yambio where Partnership activities are being undertaken, Donors, Non-Governmental Organizations, UN entities, as well as regional and global resilience experts.


Through the partnership, local government is able to work with the private sector, faith leaders and community development structures to develop approaches and systems that facilitate recovery and promote economic development” Hon Badagbu, Governor Gbudue State.


The PfRR Annual Learning Forum 2019 provided an opportunity for partners to take stock of progress made. Participants shared experiences and discussed opportunities to strengthen, expand and enrich the Partnership through active engagement with private sector, regional and global centers of excellence.

DSRSG/HC/RC Alain Noudehou

As development or humanitarian partners, our assistance will be more effective if it also lays the foundation towards sustainable development; sustained investment is also critically needed to build resilience at all levels to stop the trend of increasing vulnerability.” DSRSG/HC/RC Alain Noudehou.

The commitments of the PfRR are promoted jointly by donors, NGOs, and UN agencies supporting shared communities’ goals. Through high-level advocacy, the partnership engages with private sector, community leaders and local government for them to identify shared priorities, common aspirations and launch area-based joint programming. The PfRR facilitates bottom-up solutions at the individual, household and community levels while also working closely with local authorities.

Ros Cooper Deputy Head DFID

Recognizing the importance of local stakeholders in setting the agenda for action, basing interventions on good data and analysis of the needs of communities and collaborating and coordinating among organizations can strengthen efforts to reduce vulnerability and build resilience” Ros Cooper Deputy Head DFID.


Since the establishment of the Partnership in March 2018, high-level visits to Yambio, Torit, Aweil and Wau were undertaken. In Yambio, the UN Joint Program for Recovery and Resilience 2018-2021 was launched; Partnership activities are underway in Torit, Wau and Aweil. A Learning Event took place in November 2018, followed by a stock taking in August 2019. The Partnership plans to continue its advocacy and outreach in more areas, as it expands its footprint throughout South Sudan.

Dates: 4th to 5th December 2019, Juba