Who We Are

The Partnership for Recovery and Resilience was launched in 2018. It is actively promoting  a “New Way of Working” (NWOW), a comprehensive approach  that brings together collective efforts to address security, humanitarian, peacebuilding  and development challenges  in South Sudan. The NWOW grew out of the realisation  that the humanitarian approach alone cannot by itself resolve the multiple and complex drivers of vulnerability that erode the copying capacity of people, communities and institutions in South Sudan.

This innovative platform brings together multiple international and national stakeholders to work jointly on local solutions and to advocate for and implement projects and programs to reduce vulnerability, build resilience and the capacity of institutions. Currently membership includes UN Agencies, Funds and Programs, UNMISS, Donors, International organisations, NGOs, local government, community representatives  and private sector. 

In 2022, the Partnership for Recovery and Resilience  was extended to include peacebuilding. Its name then changed from Partnership for Recovery and Resilience to Partnership for Peace, Recovery and Resilience (PfPRR).

The partnership serves the UN in South Sudan, donors, international and national organisations and their partners as a platform for developing and implementing  the Peace, Humanitarian and Development (PHD) nexus approach, or triple nexus approach.

Since then, an 11-member Steering Committee made up of senior-level partner representatives was established to oversee activities. The Steering Committee is the main platform for decision-making and conducts high-level dialogue, promotes coordination, outreach and alignment of interventions. See ToR annexed to the Framework 

Note that individual projects and programs aligned to the Partnership have their own governance and accountability arrangements and coordinate with the local partnership committees in the areas where they operate.

In 2019, the Steering Committee launched the Partnership for Recovery and Resilience Framework that articulates its vision for resilience as the individuals, communities and institutions in South Sudan move towards self-reliance and transition to development as set out in the Theory of Change. See Theory of Change annexed to the Framework

The Partnership for Recovery and Resilience facilitates bottom-up solutions at the individual, household and community levels while also working closely with local authorities and institutions; it applies flexibility in its approach, champions local ownership and integrates conflict sensitivity in all aspects of its work. This allows it to develop new, inclusive ways of doing business to better help communities adapt and cope with the multiple shocks they face.

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