Knowledge Management, Learning and Sharing

Knowledge Management, Learning and Sharing

Learning across all Partnership activities and sharing lessons on what works, what does not work and why is an important means of building an evidence base to improve decision-making and programming in the long-term.

A key product of this workstream will be the regular learning events, such as those held in November 2018 and December 2019, but other ways of sharing experiences and lessons will be developed. These can include building on existing resilience networks such as that established by the NGO Forum.

A database will be established to enable easy access to key documents, data, research findings, tools and learning.

As a new way of doing business, it is essential that there is learning across the Partnership activities and that all partners are willing to share both what works and what did not achieve the hoped-for results. This will help to build the evidence for better programming in recovery and resilience and improve decision making.

This workstream will apply the shared information and lessons learned to scale up successful approaches. The data/evidence produced under this workstream will help distil information that will inform future activities. Lesson learned from the monitoring and evaluation and data gathering will help to influence resilience practice in similar contexts.